How smartvote works

smartvote is a simple online platform, which matches voters with candidates & parties that share their policy positions. It empowers voters  to vote for their preferred candidates in an informed manner. It has provided voters with individualised results in over 200 elections in Switzerland and European countries, since 2003.

1. positions
2. Match
Candidates & voters fill out a questionnaire on current policy issues Voters are matched with candidates who share their positions Voters go to the polls to vote for their preferred candidates
Contributing to democracy


Civic education

Building a more informed electorate.

Issue-Based discourse

Promotes an issue-based discourse, by focusing on differences in policy positions, not ideology or character.

Voter mobilization & engagement

Shown to increase political participation and voter turnout.

Political soul-searching

Encourages voters to explore their own political positions.

Non-partisan Election information

smartvote is an independent organisation that only works together with other non-partisan actors.

Candidate Transparency

Learn about candidate’s  positions on a wide range of important policy issues.

Some of our special features

Data visualizations

One of our specialties is visualizing complex information in a simple and understandable way.

The smartspider uses 8 axes on major policy fields, to visually compare a voter’s political profile with a candidate’s.

The smartmap shows the candidates’ and voters’ positions in a two-dimensional space.
Social media sharing

Both candidates and voters can share their profiles, smartspiders and results on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Election day reminder

Voters can sign up for a reminder on election day per email or sms. On the one hand, it reminds voters of their smartvote results and on the other hand, it motivates voters to go out and vote!

Multilingual website & questionnaire

smartvote was founded in Switzerland, a country with four national languages. Our platforms are built with the expectation that multilingualism of candidates and voters is the norm not the exception.

Your benefits from partnering with smartvote

In order to provide the public with sophisticated online candidate-voter matching platforms, smartvote partners with  universities, civil society organizations, local governments, media companys, etc.

Visibility & Traffic for your organization

Our platform provides a new and innovative way of informing voters, therefore making you the go-to source for election information.

Stories & Information for campaign coverage

Enhance your campaign coverage with unique stories on candidates positions and unprecedented access to detailed political information.  We us you will increase your traffic during the next election cycle.

Data for social science researchers

The anonymized data collected with our tool is ideal for social and political research.

Examples of Integration for Swiss media websites

> Click to see an example of the integration of inline frames online 


Services à la carte

smartvote provides the technical infrastructure and expertise from 15 years running online candidate-voter matching platforms. Here are some of the services we offer, please contact us if you are interested in learning more

  1. Ready to use platform, inline frames & API
    We provide a newly developed online platform for matching candidates and voters (VAA), which is fully responsive and includes innovative features.
  2. Consulting & advising
    We provide assistance and advice on developing a questionnaire, methodological design, contacting candidates, implementing the tool.
  3. Customization & integration
    Our platform can be adapted to a wide range of electoral systems and types of elections.

About us

smartvote is a non-profit and non-partisan organisation based in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. We pride ourselves on consistent transparency, and the application of scientifically based methods. We are a network of Swiss independent political scientists and consultants for big data analysis, law and marketing (, and supported by a local, innovative IT company (soom IT).

  • smartvote is used by 1 in 5 voters
  • Achieves up to 85% candidate participation
  • Hosted over 200 elections at the local, regional, national & international level (Switzerland, the European parliament, Austria, Luxembourg, Scotland and more)
  • 15 years of experience helping voters find candidates and parties that share their policy positions!
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